LA Geeks Unite

Last Friday I went to Silicon Beach Fest a brand new event organized by Digital LA. It’s been a while since I’ve been to an event that left me feeling so excited and enthused.  From what I read they put the whole event together in a couple of months and that speed is, I think, testament to the entrepreneurial spirit here in LA.

So why did I get so enthused? Well as a relative newcomer – it’s four years since I shipped in from London – I’ve had trouble tracking down the LA tech scene but it turns out I am not alone. At the media panel Amanda Cooling from TechZulu explained that there are lots of little tech scenes around LA – Santa Monica, Pasadena, Downtown and even Hollywood – and they don’t really connect with each other. Judging from the number of people who asked me where specifically I am based (in order to get a read on me I assume) Amanda is spot on. I can’t help thinking that it’s a shame – we are all missing the party by letting the geography of our city dictate how we think. I spent a few years living in Sydney, Australia. It’s a pretty small city by US standards – about 4.5m people – but my network of PRs was bigger than the one I have here. We all hung out together, drinking in the same bars, meeting at the same events. It was the same when I worked in London. And I have the sense it’s the same in Silicon Valley. So why not here? We’d all be better off for it.

I hope that with the creation of Silicon Beach Fest – and a cool idea from Techzulu for an LA tech census –  we can change that. LA Geeks Unite!


The countdown is on

It’s 18 days and counting until the launch of my first ever business, my startup baby, Kindling Communications. All day long I feel excited and then at night, well, a little anxious. After 14 years of receiving a monthly pay cheque this is definitely a leap into the unknown. But I’ve worked with and been inspired by plenty of founders and I know it’s the right time for me.

Considering I’ve spent my career in technology PR, I’m very late to the blogging world. I’ve written reams for others but nothing for myself and I have huge respect for those bloggers and journalists who I work with every day. I haven’t quite found my written ‘voice’ yet but hopefully it will grow, along with my business!