Happy 5th birthday to the iPhone

It’s been five years since the first iPhone launched and I remember it well as I was having a drink that evening with a good friend who was also UK PR Manager for Apple. She had her shiny new object of desire on the table and we were trying to enjoy our wine and catch up on the events of the day (I was PR manager at Orange so this was exciting stuff for me too). But we could barely finish a sentence without another guy approaching us to check out the phone. Not us, just the phone. I used to do PR for Samsung – back before anyone but Steve Jobs had heard of an iPhone – and we launched some phones I thought were pretty cool. I used to take them out to pubs for a celebratory drink on launch day too. But no-one ever chatted me up to get a look at one.

I read an article on GigaOM today which talked about the two eras of mobile – before iPhone and after. It’s a fair point – people had been talking for years about the mobile phone becoming a remote control for life and the iPhone has almost achieved that. I’ve always loved working in mobile – I have done since the very start of my career – but these times seem more exciting than any before and I can’t wait to see what’s next.